Slides from WordCamp Europe

This post is just a stub for now so that you can access my slides during my talk. Later on I will add some links, tweets, and some of the animated GIFs I use in the slides (since they do not display in SlideShare).

If the embed above is not working (or is too small to follow along), view the slides at SlideShare.


Until the site has the edited / cleaned video of just my talk, you can view the Saturday morning stream starting at my talk on YouTube (sans captions). I have also embedded it below (if it does not start at the right spot, jump to 3 hours, 10 minutes, 28 seconds).

Social Media

These are tweets and one Instagram post that are only about my talk. I tweeted a bunch during the event (as did many others), but those are not in here. With one post-WCEU tweet exception.

Adrian Roselli @aardrian on Selfish Accessibility #WCEU #accessibility

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Animated Images

These are the animated images that were in my slides but which did not survive in the transition to SlideShare. They are all quite large and will take time to load. If you want to save on your data plan, hit the browser’s stop button now.

The Virgin America home page when used with only a keyboard.
Slide 56: Use :focus Styles
Animation showing a button, input, and anchor all styled to look the same.
Slide 71: <button>, <input>, or <a>,
A page at DigitalGov showing the tab order.
Slide 73: Don’t Use tabindex > 0
Animation showing hidden (by ellipses) text being displayed on focus. Animation showing hidden (within a scrolling area) text being displayed on focus, scrolled by arrow keys.
Slide 75: Maybe Use tabindex=0
Animation showing number fields set to different languages and how they honor (or do not) decimal versus comma separators for validation.
Slide 78: Set lang Attribute on <html>
Animation of Firefox 41 tabbing through flex items. Animation of Chrome 45 tabbing through flex items.
Slide 80: Source Order Matters
Showing infinite scroll on Pew Research Center site.
Slide 84: Avoid Infinite Scroll

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