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My Slides for Create Upstate 2016

The slides are embedded here for all to enjoy (or you can view the slides at SlideShare), whether or not you attended my workshop. Note that you can probably ignore the slides about exercises as I am not going to come around and review them with you.


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Speaking at Inclusive Design 24 for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

The headline really captures it all. The Paciello Group will be holding a full day of free webinars on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. That’s 24 straight hours of talks, starting at midnight (GMT) on Wednesday, May 19 through 11:59pm (still GMT) that same night. I’ll be giving my talk Fringe…


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Slides from WordCamp Buffalo 2016

Quick warning: I am loading the animations from the slides at the end of this post. Press your browser’s Stop button now if you are on a data cap. Or just view it on SlideShare. This came in after I finished and submitted my slides, so I am linking it…


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Speaking at Guelph Accessibility Conference 2016

This May I will be speaking at the Guelph Accessibility Conference. It will be held Monday and Tuesday, May 30 and 31, 2016 on the University of Guelph campus. The theme of this year’s event is In Letter and Spirit: Realizing the Vision of the AODA. There is also a…


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Speaking at WordCamp Buffalo 2016

On Saturday, April 30 I have the pleasure of once again speaking at WordCamp Buffalo. It’s one of the few conferences for which I don’t need to drive very far, take any flights, nor cross any international borders. That’s not the only selling point, of course. It’s always a day…


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Not Really an April Fools’ Prank

I added something to my site for April Fools’ Day, and it didn’t go quite so well (as opposed to my 2012 effort, which just went nowhere). In reality, it’s something I’ve wanted to add to my site for a while, but my gaming night was canceled last night (they…


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Twitter Has Alt Text! (with some caveats)

In an exciting move, Twitter has taken a half step toward making images accessible. I say half step because as of now this feature is only available for users of the iOS and Android apps (though not all just yet, as I note below) and it does not apply to…


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CSUN 2016 Recap

I tried writing this on my return flight from CSUN (where I experienced both a temporary mobility impairment thanks to no elbow room in coach to type, and a visual impairment because I could not get the guy behind me to close the shade to prevent glare on my screen).…


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Be Wary of Accessibility Guarantees from Vendors

In my ~20 years of responding to RFPs/RFQs, once organizations started to realize the value of accessibility (or fear of lawsuits), I saw more and more requests include a note on accessibility. In most cases this was just a single line item among many, often with nothing more than a…


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Fringe Accessibility Slides from Booster 2016

I had the pleasure of giving a workshop at Booster Conference 2016 on accessibility. As it was the last slot of the last day, it ended up being more of an interactive talk than a hands-on session, but the audience seemed to appreciate that. Or view it directly on SlideShare:…


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We Know You Have Alt Text, Twitter

Users have repeatedly asked for a method to provide alternative text for images on Twitter. Since so many of Twitter’s features today are just codified versions of what the community invented on its own, many of us hoped Twitter would just build some proper support. Instead, Twitter pushes for more…


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Keyboard and Overflow

Imagine that as a user you regularly use the keyboard for non-data-entry tasks. Think about how frustrating it is to have to grab the mouse to hover over something on the screen just to see it. Now imagine that you are a keyboard-only user. That problem can be addressed somewhat…


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