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Mobile Assistive Technology Gesture References

During a recent consultation on a mobile project, I broached the topic of gestures that are used by assistive technology on various devices. I gathered links to resources for my client and figured I’d share them here as well. Apple has gathered together the gestures used by VoiceOver on iOS…


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Speaking at Create Upstate

This May I’ll be running an afternoon workshop for Create Upstate. Create Upstate rallies makers from Buffalo to Albany and everywhere in between in a celebration of design and community, and I’ll get a chance to promote accessibility to some of those makers. I’ll be taking my Selfish Accessibility talk…


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Speaking at Booster Conference in Norway

I’m pretty excited to be returning to Booster Conference in Bergen, Norway this spring. Last year I presented a lightning talk on print styles. This year I opted to aim a little higher and submitted a workshop on accessibility. The abstract from my talk: If you’re familiar with accessibility, you…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, speaking, standards, usability, UX

Links, Buttons, Submits, and Divs, Oh Hell

Screen shot of the Zurb Foundation advice for accessible buttons, where it shows anchors and a div each with role=”button”. In short, a perfect example of everything you could do wrong. NOTE: This was version 5.5.3. Most of this is fixed in the current version as of this writing (6.1.2).…


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Avoid the Hamburger Menu for Desktop Layouts

This is, to some extent, a response to the article at Usability Geek titled Making A Case For The Desktop Hamburger Menu (which I had the Wayback Machine capture because I have learned my lesson). I left a comment on the article, but it motivated me to write something on…


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10k Tweets Won’t Make Images Accessible

The Twitterverse exploded yesterday with rumors that Twitter is exploring expanding the limit on characters in tweets from 140 to 10,000 characters. In a great example of the hyperbole, The Guardian even reported that Twitter shares plummeted a whole 2% as a result. Seemingly in support of this move, Jack…


Tags: accessibility, rant, social media, UX

Responsive Progressive Accessible Vanilla Search

I received a design for a project recently that called for a search field hidden behind a single icon — no visible label text, no visible field, no submit button. While I’ve seen this pattern on sites repeatedly, I feel they generally get it wrong. Relying on bloated HTML and…


Tags: accessibility, standards, touch, usability, UX

Web Development Advent Calendars for 2015

Ganesha may or may not be stealing chocolate from the advent calendar. For a few years now web developers around the world have celebrated Saturnalia Christmas with advent calendars covering topics related to the web. Some come and go, but you’ll probably recognize a few regulars on this list. I…


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Addendum to “The State of Airline Websites” at Smashing Magazine

Last week Smashing Magazine published a lengthy and detailed post titled The State Of Airline Websites 2015: Lessons Learned. While it was an impressive dive into the user experience of each site covered, it left out any aspect of accessibility. Surprising perhaps no one, I got as far as reading…


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NFL Raises Colorblind Awareness

Not intentionally, of course. Images captured using the Chromatic Vision Simulator app on my phone. The last two images show three different kinds of colorblindness each: protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia. The NFL provided a great and highly visible (pun!) case study in how colorblindness affects people and, given football’s wide…


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Be Wary of Add-on Accessibility

When I say “add-on accessibility,” I am referring to web sites that use custom tools to try to address accessibility gaps. Typically this is done in place of a team writing code that is accessible on its own. This is usually because the team doesn’t have the accessibility skill, a…


Tags: accessibility, standards, usability, UX, WCAG

HTML Source Order vs CSS Display Order

Last month in my post Source Order Matters I wrote about why we need to consider how the source order of the HTML of a page can affect users when the CSS re-orders the content visually. While I used a recipe as an analogue and cited WCAG conformance rules, I…


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